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Windshield Replacement San Francisco | Replacement Services

Windshield Replacement San Francisco

We are a licensed and experienced windshield replacement company in San Francisco providing auto glass services for commercial and private parties.

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Best Windshield Replacement San Francisco

Your windshield is one of the most important parts of your car.  It is also the component that is most easily cracked or chipped.

Although windshields are made of tempered glass, they are still prone to breakage and must be repaired or replaced, even with the smallest crack.

There can be several reasons your windshield might get chipped or cracked.  A small sliver of gravel can crack the windshield while traveling at high speeds. Extremely cold or hot weather can also cause a cracked windshield.  Vandalism and many other types of accidents are also the main culprits of broken windshields.

Whatever the case for windshield damage, reply on Power Auto Glass to solve your auto glass needs.

Windshield Replacment tips

Minor windshield damage such as small chips can be corrected in many cases. If the windshield has more damage, like a small crack, you may need to replace the full windshield. 


Here is when you know you should replace your windshield.

Damage Obscures Line-of-Sight

Any damage that interferes with a clear view should be repaired immediately. Even if the damage seems slight, consult a professional. It is better to replace a damaged windshield right than to hope that cracks do not spread.

Signs of Cracks and Fractures

Many small cracks are easy to repair. However, excessive cracks or very long cracks can weaken the integrity and strength of your glass. This jeopardizes the overall safety of your vehicle. A weak windshield can be disastrous in the event of an accident.

Steps to Replace Your Windshield

1. Find a Reputable Glass Company

Before making an appointment, you need to find a reliable company in your area that specializes in windshield and glass repair.  Price is not the only thing to consider when comparing glass repair companies.  It’s best if you check their reviews, whether they offer warranties, do they provide mobile services and whether their technicians are factory trained. After narrowing the list based on what you find, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Request a Quote and Schedule Your Appointment

Now that you know which company you want to replace the windshield, it’s time to ask the price. You can request an offer online by offering the year, make, and model of the car. You can also call the windshield replacement company for any special offers they have in place. If you agree with the price, you can arrange an on-site meeting or a mobile meeting. If you are planning a mobile meeting, be sure to send the technician to the address at which you want your windshield repaired.

3. Call Your Insurance Company to See What is Covered

You probably know that your insurance company can cover all or part of the windshield repair cost. If you have full insurance coverage, the insurance company may pay for everything except policy deductions. Be sure to ask what your deductible amount is, and then check if the cost is partially or fully covered by the policy.

4. Find a Reputable Glass Company

If you choose a large glass company that works with your insurance company, the provider will make a request for you. They will talk with the company and ask for an invoice. This means that you do not need to pay for the exchange, and then wait for the return. Be sure to tell the glass company that you want them to process your application before they finish work to avoid complications.

Windshield ReplacEment Warranty

A good windshield replacement company warranties the work they do. You should expect a 1-year limited warranty that covers installation defects such as water and air leaks around the seal. 

Some stores even offer limited lifetime warranties while you own the car. In these cases, if there are problems with the installation, you need to plan the windshield services and return them. 

Feel free to ask for a guarantee; you need to know that your investment is covered. 

When choosing a guarantee, you should expect that it will cover the following:

– Air Leaks
– Water Leaks
– Mirror Broken Or It Falls Off
– Sensors Not Working
– Molding Or Loose Trim

Why Should You Choose Us ?

1. We have years of experience in windshield replacement. We perform quick and effective installation at your convenient schedule.
2. We use windshields from branded and well-known manufacturers. Your windshield will have manufacturing warranty attached to it.
3. We repair any type of windshield in almost every make and model of car.
4. We provide competitive prices for our services. We never over-charge our customers, our prices are reasonable and our quality of work high.
5. Our auto glass experts can help you choose the design and type of glass for your car.